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'''John Richard Jefferies''' (6 November 1848 – 14 August 1887) was an English nature writer, noted for his depiction of English rural life in essays, books of natural history, and novels. His childhood on a small Wiltshire farm had a great influence on him and provides the background to all his major works of fiction. Jeffries' corpus of writings includes a diversity of genres and topics, including ''Bevis'' (1882), a classic children's book, and ''After London'' (1885), an early work of science fiction. For much of his adult life, he suffered from tuberculosis, and his struggles with the illness and with poverty also play a role in his writing. Jefferies valued and cultivated an intensity of feeling in his experience of the world around him, a cultivation that he describes in detail in ''The Story of My Heart'' (1883). This work, an introspective depiction of his thoughts and feelings on the world, gained him the reputation of a nature mystic at the time. But...
Birth date{{Birth date|df=yes|1848|11|6}}
Birth placeCoate Water Country Park|Coate, Swindon, Wiltshire, England
Death date{{death date and age|1887|8|14|1848|11|6|df=y}}
Death placeGoring-by-Sea, Worthing, Sussex, England
OccupationWriter (novel)
Period19th century
GenreChildren's Literature
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